The high collision intersection ranking results appear in the main query window. By default the high collision intersections will include all collisions regardless of how far they are from the intersection. You need to specify collisions occurring at or near an intersection by setting filters. Refer to the help FAQ for more information.

The Show Results buttons will change to show the different ranking display options:

You can also select the number of intersections to display. The table will dynamically update as you change the number of intersections or the different 'By' results. The rankings will stay the same, but the different columns will be shown. 

A key feature is that the rankings will respect any filters you have already chosen. Besides intersection filters, you can scroll up and modify any of the filters and then refresh the results as needed. For example, you could specify only rear-end collisions or bicyclist involved collisions for your results. 

After generating results, you can click-drag to highlight the table rows to copy and paste into another document. 

Finally, to drill down into any of the intersections listed in the rankings, simply click on the intersection name and a new results window will open. The new window will show the intersection name and other summary details. You will then be able to access all the same results as the other query options.